The process  of creating a beautiful garden takes more than putting  plants in the ground. Here are the steps that will guarantee that you get the best results possible.


• Clip pictures and start formulating an idea of what you’d like your garden to look like.
• Interview several landscape designers.
• Hire one.

The Landscape Designer:

• Creates a plan drawn to scale, identifying plants, materials, lighting.
• Submits plan to Landscape Contractors for bids.

The Landscape Contractor:

• Analyzes plans.
• Determines costs of materials/labor for each task.
• Determines equipment required.
• Gets prices from subcontractors.
• Submits bid.

Upon bid approval:

• Finalizes details with Landscape Designer.
• Divides jobs into tasks/stages work.
• Hires, schedules and supervises subcontractors.
• Obtains permits.
• Buys materials.
• Installs plants, hardscape, lighting special features (outdoor kitchen/water features/fire pits) as per plan design.
• Outlines maintenance plan.

How will your garden grow?